My Shopping trip from 7/19: Target & Kroger

Last night, I went to Target and to Kroger to pick up some hot deals. Here’s my shopping lists and what I paid:


6 rolls of Scotch Magic Tape (on sale for $.60 this week)

  • I used a method of couponing called “stacking”.  I used a $1/1 MQ and the $.50/1 TQ printable to “make” $.90 each that was applied to the rest of my purchase.  This is YMMV, as some cashiers will adjust the coupon down, but some won’t worry about it.

8 packs of 10 Bic Crystal Pens (on sale for $.60 this week)

  • I again used stacking on this deal as well.  I used a $1/2 Bic Stationary MQ from and a $1/2 Bic Stationary TQ printable, and made $.80 for every two to be applied towards my purchase.

3 packs of Market Pantry Apple Juice Boxes ($.59 each)

2 Bonzai Ocean Friends Water Sprinklers ($1.49 each, bought for the daycare that I work at)

1 Summer Cooler ($5.99, clearance priced at 70%)

Grand total: $2.34!



Kroger has their 10-item Mega Event going on right now.  Buy any 10 items with the ME tag on the shelf, and you’ll get $5 for every 10 items you buy.  You can mix and match what products you buy, but I didn’t need anything other than mac & cheese that was part of the deal when I went last night.  Here’s what I got:

20 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese ($.69/box when you buy 10 Mega Event items with your Kroger card)

  • Used a $.25/1 MQ that tripled to take a total of $.75 off each box, wich gave me $.06 towards my total for every box!

3 boxes of Kraft Cheddar Explosion ($.77/box, closeout price, but also counted towards the Mega Event deal)

  • Used a $.25/1 MQ that tripled to take $.75 off each box

1 bottle of Messina Hof Sweet Sangria ($9.99)

1 pack of plastic wine glasses since I don’t own any yet ($1.15, manager’s special aka clearance)

I also used 2 $1 OYNO (on your next order) Catalina coupons from when I bought Classico pasta sauce last week.

Grand total: $8.92, saved 79% of my total order with $7.75 from MQs, $11.50 from the MQs tripling, and $12.00 from Kroger Plus Savings!



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