FREE on Tena products!

Head on over to Tena’s website & enter your information for a coupon worth up to $7!

You can find the Tena Serenity Pantiliners at Walmart for around $2.85 for the small pack.  Because of the wording on the coupon, you may only be able to get the product for free with no overage, but it is still a free product!

P.S.  If you do not plan to use these products personally, I would recommend donating them to a local nursing home to help them out during these tough economic times.

Have a great day!


Shop With Paige! 7/31-8/6 Results

Here’s a goal/challenge that I am setting for myself:  List all of my purchases and how much I saved once a week, and tally it up at the end of the year.  I also want to start listing out the deals that I plan on buying at the beginning of the sale week (Sunday for most retail stores, Wednesday for grocery stores) so you can be sure to snag the same deal if you need it!

This is going to be “week 1” but I will start over in January.  My goal is to save at least 2 times what I spend overall.  To get the ball rolling, here’s what I scored this week:

Office Max:

It was Teacher Appreciation Day this past Sunday & Monday at Office Max.  Even though I’m a preschool teacher right now, I still qualify for the MaxPerks Teacher card.  They handed out reusable bags with awesome goodies inside when I walked in, and they even gave me a planner with extra coupons to use throughout the year.  Inside the goody bag was a pack of red Sharpies, labels, post-its, paper clips, Expo cleansing wipes, and a coupon for Payless Shoe Source for $5 anything!  I then picked up 2 rolls of Scotch Magic Tape, 1 reusable tote from Scotch/Post-it, 2 boxes of Schoolio crayons, 2 wooden rules, and 1 composition book.  I had a store coupon to make the reusable tote free, the crayons and rulers were a penny a piece, the composition book was fifty cents, and the tape was $1.99 each.  I spent a little less than $4, as teachers got 20% off what fit inside the reusable bag (that didn’t already have a coupon attached to it).  I went back the next day to pick up some BiC pens (my favorite!) for their B2G2 sale.  I picked up 4 boxes of 12 Ultra Round Stic grip pens for $3.98 after the 20% store coupon, but had 2 $1 off any Bic Easy Glide manufacturer’s printable coupon, so it made it $1.98 for the 4 boxes of pens.  I also picked up 10 packs (teachers are allowed to purchase double the limit listed) of notebook paper at $.20 per packet and 3 hand sanitizers for $.30 a bottle after the store’s weekly coupons.  After all coupons, I paid a little over $5 for everything.

Total spent: ~$10  Total saved: About $25, but will calculate once I have all my receipts in front of me. 😛


Before the previous week’s sale had ended for the “buy any 4 select General Mills products, get 2 gallons of milk free” deal, I decided it was time to try the Nature Valley Granola Thins that I have been eyeing for quite some time now.  I found a printable coupon for $.50 off 1 box, but my Kroger still doubles and triples (thank goodness), so that equals $1 off 1 box.  I printed off 4 coupons from both of my computers and headed to the store.  I also brought along a $1 off 1 Nabisco cookie with the purchase of milk coupon to pick up some Chips Ahoy! which I am currently munching on…yum!  I also had 8 coupons for $.50 off any Crest toothpaste from the 7/31 P&G insert that would double to make the Crest I posted about last week FREE!  So I bought 4x Nature Valley Granola Thins at $2.79 each, less 4x $.50 doubled coupon ($1 off), 4 tubes of toothpaste less $.50 doubled coupon ($1).

Total spent: $8.71  Total Saved: $13.94, Kroger Plus savings may be a little more


So I had a GREAT time at Target this week!!  I’ve been in the market for a 32″ TV for my living room so Cassidy and I won’t have to stand up just two feet from the screen of my 19″ Toshiba to see the tiny details of my Wii games.  DeeDee, another local couponer here in Bryan, asked if I would mind helping her pick up some items that she has oodles of coupons for at Target this week.  Well, being the Target deal experts that we are, we know to search the endcaps of the aisles for clearance and sale items.  We picked up her items and kept walking around the store to see if there were any great deals lying around.  In one of the aisles, we noticed some of the Target Team Members putting out new furnishings and decor, so we looked at the next aisle over, only to find it full of clearance!  I picked up 2 large lamp bases (originally $59.99 each) for $14.98 a piece and 2 lamp shades (originally $19.99 each) for $4.98 each!  Clearance items vary by store, but more often than not, they have a relatively close markdown schedule to where most stores will be clearancing it out.  After picking this up, we headed to the electronics department to see if there were any good deals on TVs this week.  DeeDee noticed that there were two “out of the box” 32″ flat panels sitting below the display.  The first was an Apex for I think $279.98 on clearance, and then a Samsung model just a little further down the aisle for $299.98 on clearance.  Now, DeeDee had bought a floor model TV previously, and was given an EXTRA 30% discount off of the listed price because it was the last one in stock.  We asked the guy in electronics if it would have this extra discount applied to it since we did not see anymore with that DPCI (DePartment Catergory Item; Target’s organization system code) out on the floor.  He went over to the TV, punched in some numbers on the PDA, and printed out a “Repackage” sticker for the new price which was…*drumroll*


$210.01!!  I was shocked that I was able to get an almost new TV (it was used as a display for only last week when it was on sale in the ad) for cheaper that some people were asking on Craigslist!

Total Spent: $0.00 because I used store gift cards I have accumulated from other deals;  Total Saved: between $250 and $300 before taxes (will edit once I have my receipts!)


I don’t have the final numbers in yet, only because I’ve been reorganizing my coupons and have all my receipts in one big bag at the moment.  A rough estimate would probably be:

Spent:  ~$20;  Saved: ~$275 to $325

My Shopping trip from 7/19: Target & Kroger

Last night, I went to Target and to Kroger to pick up some hot deals. Here’s my shopping lists and what I paid:


6 rolls of Scotch Magic Tape (on sale for $.60 this week)

  • I used a method of couponing called “stacking”.  I used a $1/1 MQ and the $.50/1 TQ printable to “make” $.90 each that was applied to the rest of my purchase.  This is YMMV, as some cashiers will adjust the coupon down, but some won’t worry about it.

8 packs of 10 Bic Crystal Pens (on sale for $.60 this week)

  • I again used stacking on this deal as well.  I used a $1/2 Bic Stationary MQ from and a $1/2 Bic Stationary TQ printable, and made $.80 for every two to be applied towards my purchase.

3 packs of Market Pantry Apple Juice Boxes ($.59 each)

2 Bonzai Ocean Friends Water Sprinklers ($1.49 each, bought for the daycare that I work at)

1 Summer Cooler ($5.99, clearance priced at 70%)

Grand total: $2.34!



Kroger has their 10-item Mega Event going on right now.  Buy any 10 items with the ME tag on the shelf, and you’ll get $5 for every 10 items you buy.  You can mix and match what products you buy, but I didn’t need anything other than mac & cheese that was part of the deal when I went last night.  Here’s what I got:

20 boxes of Kraft Mac & Cheese ($.69/box when you buy 10 Mega Event items with your Kroger card)

  • Used a $.25/1 MQ that tripled to take a total of $.75 off each box, wich gave me $.06 towards my total for every box!

3 boxes of Kraft Cheddar Explosion ($.77/box, closeout price, but also counted towards the Mega Event deal)

  • Used a $.25/1 MQ that tripled to take $.75 off each box

1 bottle of Messina Hof Sweet Sangria ($9.99)

1 pack of plastic wine glasses since I don’t own any yet ($1.15, manager’s special aka clearance)

I also used 2 $1 OYNO (on your next order) Catalina coupons from when I bought Classico pasta sauce last week.

Grand total: $8.92, saved 79% of my total order with $7.75 from MQs, $11.50 from the MQs tripling, and $12.00 from Kroger Plus Savings!



Stores I frequent

Just a heads up, the stores I will be focusing on all have locations in Texas. I occasionally travel to Houston or the Dallas area from College Station, so I plan to include deals that will also be good for those areas.

Here’s the list of stores that I will give frequent updates on:

  • Target
  • Kroger
  • H-E-B
  • CVS/Pharmacy
  • Walgreens
  • Wal-Mart
I will also give updates on other grocery stores or office supply stores depending on the slickness of the deal.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for stores you would like me to give deal updates and information on!